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of the Board

2015 - 2016


President &

Web Designer

Ezi Algazi


Vice President

Pat Goonan


2nd Vice President

Chris Cruz & Co/2ndVP

Lydia de la Cerda



Natalee Jones


Lester Wolfe


Recording Secretary

Joyce Jordan


Property Chairperson

Al Rosenfeld &

Mirian Bertaska



Janet Little





Event Coordinator

Isabel Perez


Event Programs

Pat Goonan


En Plein Air Coordinator

Carol Thaw


Scholars Award

Deborah Gregg


Social Media

Coordinator & Press Secretary

Barb Capeletti


Board Advisers &

Caran Art Gallery

Loretta Herman


Shows wall organizing & Design

Robert Grauer and

Loretta Herman


Show Hanging

Robert Grauer

Ezi Algazi

Pat Goonan

Lester Wolfe

Isabel Perez


Members websites

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visit Website


  Ezi Algazi

  Fine Art Studio


  Robert Grauer


  Isabel Perez Salazar


  Judy Swerlick


  Linda Stegman


  Carol Ann Thaw


  Barbara Capeletti


  Lynne Kroll


  Deborah Gregg


  Patrick Goonan


  Sergio A Ramos ...Blog


  Lydia de la Cerda


  Nayla Yared


  Jerry Saxon


  Lester Wolfe


  Jill Zimmerman


  Mariano David Otero


  Kyle Kuhlman


  Katarzyna Wied


  Carlos Mario Cabrera


Jillian Brie Kennedy


  Steve Nunez


   Anita Orsini


  Cliff Klein


**Any member who wish to have their website linked email


FREE Webpage


We will create a web-page for each of our members that asks for it

You control what goes on your web-page, send us the information and we will create it for you

It doesn't get any easier than this: email to: or call 954-775-0313



Monthly Meetings

Opened to the Public


at the Coral Springs Museum of Art

2rd floor classroom on the right

Next meeting will be held on:


Thursday in May 5th, 2016 ...  7PM

**This is our last meeting until September

By popular demand, Jene Rizzo

will do a demo with a pallet knife on a larger board.

Its Free and open to the Public everyone is welcome



** All of our meetings are held on the 1st Thursday of each month

En Plein Air - Paint Out
With Carol Thaw

Paint out on Wednesday:  April 27,10 a.m.
Location: RiverWalk meet at the Gazzebo.
Park at the RR Station

They go out together for lunch around 1pm


                          Coral Springs Festival of the Arts -
                March 19th and the 20th, 10am - 5pm.
                We SOLD 3 Pieces..




CSMART Museum Lobby Show
March - April



     April 25 ……...…………..Pick-Up    10am—Noon (sharp). 


    Congratulations to the Winners:

1st Place:   Loretta Herman
2nd Place:  Tereza Haselton
3rd Place:   Lynne Kroll

Merit Awards:
Barb Capeletti.... Tammy Seymour....  Jill Sneidman

Honorable Menthions:
Adriana Antes... Mirian Bertaska...  Carol Thaw



Art For Sale by Coral Springs Artist Guild Artists

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Members News

Barbara Capeletti CSFOA Signature Artist
Her winning Water Color was
Printed on a Lexus

Barbara Capeletti
Made the cover of the Magazine and the insert

Isabel Perez Show

Congratulations Steve Nunez!
Steve won the ArtServe Design Competition

Thank you to all that participated.

Check out Steve Nunez YouTube Videos
See how he create his Masperpieces
**Click on photo above to view the videos
(He has 2 Million Viewers)

Monthly Board Meeting at the Coral Springs Museum of Art


CSMART Corner                         
(954) 340-5000

2855 Coral Springs Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33065

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Caran Art Gallery
Caran Art and Frame in Coral Springs, FL is a national award-
winning frame shop offering quality custom framing services.

Caran will have a section in their Gallery dedicated to Coral Springs Artist Guild

Every Month, one of our members will be displaying his/her art work in the Caran Gallery.

There is No entree fee but there will be a small commission on sold pieces.

Acceptance will be based on first come first served basis, so hurry up