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Coral Springs Artist Guild
P. O. Box 9661
Coral Springs, FL 33075



Coral Springs Museum of Art


Coral Springs Festival of Arts


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Printable Form


     Membership 2015-2016

CSAG Application for Membership



Street address__________________________________________________






Please check your interests for assisting and participating……..


Telephone_____________Voice Mail____________Publicity____________


Serving on the Board of Directors__________________________________


New Member_____ Renewal _____

Amount Enclosed $_____________


Thank you so much for joining us.

We are sincerely looking forward to learning from each other.


Coral Springs Artist Guild

PO Box 9661

Coral Springs, FL 33075


Annual Dues: (July 1st—June 30th)

Individuals….($40 before July 1st) ……...……....$45.00

Family………($50 before July 1st)  ……………..$60.00

Student ……..($15 before July 1st..........………...$20.00



** Your membership dues is a Tax deduction to a non-profit organization



Members Benefits


    1) Show your work in Galleries and in

  the CS Museum of Art Lobby


    2) Have a chance to Exhibit inside the

  Coral Springs Museum of Art.


    3) Save on shows Entree Fees.


    4) Win Cash prizes at the shows and

  have a chance of selling your art works


    5) Advertise and link your website on

  our website for FREE


    6) Give us your news, photos etc.. and

  we will publish them on our website


    7) Be published in our Newsletter


    8) Receive Emails with events and

   other opportunities


    9) Meet very influential people in the

   Art community, like Gallery owners,

   Museum curator and some of our

   Famous Artist


    10) Get a chance to win the Signature

  Artist competition. Anyone can win,

  Not only you will get notoriety and get

  your work published in newspapers and

  magazines, you will also receive $500

  plus a tent at the Coral Springs Festival

  of the Arts (valued at $500) you will also

  have your work printed on posters and



   11) Be part of the community and add

   to your Biography that you are a

   member o the Coral Springs Artist Guild


   12) Receive discounts in Art Supplies

   Stores and in Frame shops and we

   will be adding restaurants and other

   places where you will receive members

   discounts, the list will be coming out    



   13) Invite your friends to Join the Guild

   and receive additional discounts.


   ** And much much more, join now

      and find out