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The new members of the board


Isabel Perez Salazar

An amazing presentation on her unique works,

Isabel showed us how she design and plan her paintings,

she also showed us the materials that she chooses for her

work. She also told us about her Biography and how she

started painting at a very young age in her native Venezuela.

If you wish to see her paintings go to the Coral Springs

Museum of Art where she has many of her works on display.  









Congratulations! to 4 of our members that have a show inside the Coral Springs Museum of Art




Coral Springs Artist Guild     

Coral Springs Festival of the Arts

Scholar Award



For the last several years Laurianne Macdonald has worked as the liaison between CSAG and the Coral Springs Festival of the Arts (CSFOA) committee. Both the committee and the city have come to recognize the achievements of the Guild in the community. The CSFOA wanted to establish a $1500 scholarship award for a worthy student artist. Knowing that our Guild has worked for quite a number of years with the area high schools to award a senior artist from each school with our Scholar Award, the CSFOA offered to award one of our 5 Scholar Award winners with their scholarship.




Congratulations to one of our own member

Isabel Perez Salazar

on her painted alligator that will be permanently displayed


For full article and more information click on above picture.



David Kassan .... WOW.....


Click on the picture, Play the video and turn up the volume



All Artist that have their Art exhibiting in

the Huhn Family Gallery inside the Coral Springs Museum of Art








Congratulations to the following CSAG members

They displayed their Art inside the Museum until November 10th 2012


Ezi Algazi                    Robert Grauer      Isabel Perez

Eleanor Ritcher        Bob Ritcher        Janet Little

Loretta Herman          Joan Hiden          Lester Wolfe

            Natalee Jones


*** To enlarge the pictures click on them


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