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Carol Thaw

 No matter what challenges are in my life " ART IS FOOD FOR THE SOUL", Thru the use of color and design my paintings reflect my interest in life and my personality; Positive and Bright, Emotion Full of Joy.Hopefully the viewer experiences these emotions. A sketch book is always with me as i prefer working directly with live people, Real Landscapes, and Beautiful Objects.

Painting all of my life as i come from an artistic family and all of my adult children and grandchildren are into the arts. My first teacher was my father. 5 Years of portrait study. Workshops with: Edgar Whitney, Frank Webb, Tony Van Hassel T, Alan Flattman, Gary Akins, Judy Betts, Catherine Anderson, Skip Lawrence, Christopher Schink, Stephen Quiller, Barbara Nechis, Susanna Spann, Joeseph Fettingis, Carla O?Connor Maggie McClellan, Judy Norris, Don Andrews, ,Mel Stabin, Mark Mehaffey, Steve Rogers, Sue Archer, Jean Dobie,Polly Hammer, Virginia Cobb, Jean Grastorff, Arnie Westerman, Zolton Szabo, Betsy Dillard Straub.

Gold Coast Watercolor Society, Palm Beach Watercolor Society, Hollywood Art Guild, Everglades Art Guild, Coral Springs Art Guild, Florida Waterwolor Society, Broward Art Guild.
Signature Member of: The Gold Coast Water Color Society, Palm Beach Water Color Society and Florida Water Color Society. Director of a Life Study Art Group and Plein - Air Painting Group.

Tom Rosetti Art Gallery, Saint Lawrence Gallery,Gallery Plus, Art Enterprises, Artful Framer, weston Art Gallery, Main StreetArtist, Art on the Edge, Art Serve, Gallery Yes, Gallery One, Brooke Trace Gallery.
On September 2003 The Los Olas Chamber of Commerce Gave to me a store rent free overhead free for 2 months to use as an art Gallery. "For Brushes Along Los Olas" .






Third Place Winner at Coral Springs Museum of Art lobby show









Standing Ballet Dancer                                              Applause Applause                                                                           Dance Class
     size Coming: Price: $500.00                          35x28: Price: $500.00                                                      36x30: Price: $500.00

     Clown Series # 4                                                  Strawberry                                                                             Pigeon Lady
     Size 30 X 38 : Price: $2,000.00                            Size 30 X 36 : Price: $500.00                                                   Size 28 X 30: Price: $500.00


 Award Winning "Beutifull Tulips"                             For The Love of Tulips                                       Sunny Sun Flowers                             White Lillies
 size 27 x 20: Price: $350.00                                  size 16 x 20: Price: $200.00                                Size 27 X 36: Price: $500.00            size 36 X 30: Price: $500.00