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Rosario Gia 


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Judith Dalcourt



Judith Dalcourt was born in Montreal Canada. Moved in the states at the age of 18. Visual art was always part of her, started drawing with graphite at a very young age of 6. Never contemplated colors until she was 20. Started by learning to mix colors with oils, watercolor but never could grasp an actual style. Throughout the years attempted different mediums, mixing, studying whenever time permitted. Sold many pieces, did a few shows in Florida and in Longueuil, Quebec. Won her first "Honorable Mention" in her first contest with an ink Pointillism piece called "Born Free".
Judith never went to any professional schools for the arts to study. But was able to learned from small classes given by local artists. In the interim, she has taken to the camera. Prone to taking wildlife picture decided to start painting some of her subjects. Currently enjoying Acrylic with its versatile use and manipulation, friends has called her the "fantasy painter".
Currently living in South Florida where inspirations never ceased, her passion for the beauty of flowers, birds, butterfly, insects and sunshine shows in her paintings which are vibrant and full of movement.

































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