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Phyllis Teitler



Phyllis Teitler



Phyllis has led an extraordinary life. Besides her love of painting she is a Relationship Counselor. She also has modeled, produced and directed show cases for new talent in California as well as Special Events director at leading hotels in Florida. In 1989 she volunteered in the Israeli army, married and continued her work as a counselor for ten years in Israel. Only after returning to Florida did she find her passion for painting and began to exhibit. Phyllis has lived in California, Florida, Israel, Arizona , New York and finally back to Florida. In Florida she continues her Relationship Counseling and painting.


Her home mirrors her unique sense of style and decor. Despite minimal space in her apartment, it is the perfect place for a treasure hunt. Even bowls of candy (her favorite gastronomical delight) is perched on table tops, or sometimes hidden from view. If she likes you, she just might tell you where the goodies are. The walls of her apartment is filled with women's faces, abstracts and animal representations. The faces can express sadness or humor, the beautiful or the ugly, crowned by large hats or triple sized hairdos. On every wall her paintings hang from the ceiling down to the next row of paintings beneath. But in order to see her collection, you first have to make your way through a forest of artificial trees, plants, leopard and zebra covered pillows, African masks and wind chimes. A tour guide is highly recommended. All this colorful humanity is also the home for her pet cats. There we have it, or better yet, ladies and gentlemen, the many faces of Phyllis Teitler.



Contact Phyllis Teitler:              954-977-3979