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Sam Barthelemy



Artists Biography
Samuel Barthelemy is the author of SUR LE PARCOURS DES REVES (Upon the alley of dreams) and SAILING AWAY. His great, great passion for poetry is now shared with his new found love: Painting. The last four years since his retirement, he has devoted the majority of his time to learning and practicing the art. He is of the opinion that painting and poetry are twin sisters. He has been using his brush strokes upon a canvas to express his feeling in different genres. Similarities exist in these two forms of art; inspiration is necessary to use words to render compelling a manuscript; and to use different pigments to construct images that captivate the mind. Sam incorporates the art of photography to help capture images that enable him to paint portraits, landscaping and other natural phenomena.
Samuel was born in Haiti. He came to the United States in his early twenties; lived and worked in New York for over 40 years. He is now retired from the New York City Board of Education, where he was a teacher, a school administrator and a senior school improvement specialist.
Samuel Barthelemy has been a lover of fine arts since his teenage years. He loves music and would like to add it to his repertoire. For the moment, time devoted to painting does not allow him to concentrate on the practice that is required to master that particular branch of art. But, he is still dreaming!




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