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Robert Grauer has been creating images from
behind the lens since childhood. At the age of
eleven, he was already photographing with a
35mm camera and developing film and printing in
the family darkroom in the basement of his home
in Brooklyn, N.Y. Through the early years he
worked almost exclusively in black and white. He
went on to study photography at the prestigious
School of Visual Arts in New York City. Moving to
South Florida in 1991, Robert was soon inspired
by the incredible beauty of the regions skies which
feature prominently in many of his photographs.
Despite making his career as a videographer
and video editor, he never lost his passion for fine
art photography. But it was not until the advent of
digital photography that his artistic vision truly
emerged. Digital imaging freed him from the
limitations working with film presented. The
finished photograph he imagined in his mind could
now become a reality in print. Currently he
specializes in but is not limited to selective color
images and classic black and white landscape

In 2009 Robert Grauer began exhibiting his
work. In this short time his photographs have won
numerous awards. Including First Place in
exhibits at The Coral Springs Museum of Art and
Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. Robert is
currently serving as Vice President of The Coral
Springs Artist Guild.
"When the light or the sky are just right, I
become one with the environment, no longer
merely an observer. Its a spiritual experience for
me capturing nature's incredible ever changing
beauty. Whether deep in Big Cypress Swamp or
on a deserted stretch of beach at sunrise, sharing
the beauty of these places through my
photography brings me great joy."

                                                                         Robert Grauer


For more information about the art work or if you would like to purchase

email: grauerrobert@gmail.com




1st Place Winner




Robert was mentioned in this month Parklander for

his May show in the Parkland Library
































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