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  Rosario Gia              

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Artists statement:

My work has the common thread of color and light. I work with all mediums and styles.

My mother was an artist and I have been involved with creating since my earliest days. I have a degree from FSU and The Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale. I have worked as a teacher. puppeteer and  graphic designer. When I retired from the 9-5 work world I devoted all my energies to art. I have shown in galleries in the three county area and done commission work for private collections in 8 states.


There is nothing I won’t paint. I’ve done walls inside and out, painted antique furniture and designed a glass wall for the West Boynton Beach Library. I happily create art that has practical uses as well as for display only. Anything that can evoke an emotion through color is art in my book.



For more information about the art work or if you would like to purchase

email: terrybinky@bellsouth.net
























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